Statistical computing

Statistical computing (Spring 1998)

To build this homepage, I used the instructions of the CIS department. By following various link there, I put together my sample .html page.

Some interesting Random number pages:

The first really bad random number generator
Many other bad LCGs
Fast and possibly good (ISAAC)
A slow but good method (RSA)
Most of the above require finding large primes. This can be done probabilisitically. Such primes are called psudo-primes. Actually, if you work harder, you can actually prove they are primes.

Homework 1

I used latex2html to create the the HTML page from the orginal latex.

Homework 5

Grading method

Student Homework 5 Homework 10
Robert Jones Solution testing None yet
Chuan Long removed removed Solution
Bo Lu Solution testing Solution
Yuhui Zeng Solution testing Solution
Ren Zhang Solution testing Solution