STAT 541: F Tests

Statistics 541: F Tests


Homework: (due next thursday) A construction company that builds lakefront vacation cottages is considering a move to construction of a line of larger vacation homes. It has been building cottages in the 500 - 1000 square-foot range. It recently built one which was 3500 square feet.

Its primary question is should it build some cottages around 2500 sq-ft in size.

The above can be done more simply using JMP. Load the data (.jmp) and do a fit-Y-by-X. Now add a line. On the line button, have it add confidence-intervals-individual. Add the quadradic line also. Now add the confidence intervals for the quadradic fit. While your at it, try doing a cubic fit.

Exclude the 3500 ft point. Now re-generate the linear fit with its prediction intervals. Notice how most of the "accuracy" of prediction of the linear fit is due to the 3500 ft cottage. Also generate the quadradic fit on this smaller data set.

Print the entire mess (with all 5 fits on it). Obviously this is a fairly useless graph!

F Tests

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