Solutions to practice Final Exam

(Note: if there were a real exam--you would want to show your work and give more detailed answers. But since these answers are just to check your own answers, these details are left off.)

1. F, T, F, F, any, F, F.
2. Linearity. X to X^2 or Y to sqrt(Y).
3. a) More.
    b) Any number (5-15).
    c) Breakfast.
    d) Outlier.
4. a) Sex.
    b) Colinearity.
    c) 0.16
    d) p>0.05/2
    e) 0.0016
5. a) Leverage plots cruch together.
    b) imp*sleep
    c) none.
    d) If sleep increases from 3 to 7, GPA drops from 3.5 to 3.25. So the rise/run is -.25/4 = .06. (But it is +/- about .3, so there is no significant effect.)