Drink efficiency: The best buzz for your waist line

Of course you should never drink alcohol. You shouldn't drink it because it tastes good. You shouldn't drink it because it will make you live longer. You shouldn't drink it for the buzz. You shouldn't drink it as a social activity. In cooking it's OK, as long as you boil all the alcohol out of it!

Now that the lawyers are happy, how should you get drunk without getting fat? Here are the efficiencies of a variety of drinks. Feel free to email me other drinks to add to the list.

The scores given below are simply the fraction of calories that come from the alcohol. So it can be figured out by using 7 * (grams of OH) / (Total calories). The data pretty much all comes from The calorie King web site. If it comes from someone else I'll provide a cite. (Other lists: beer, various.)

If you are into mixed drinks--this page will not help you. Feel free to figure out the correct answer and email it to me (dean@foster.net).

Category Score
Grain alcohol and substitutes
100% Gin
100% Vodka
100% Scotch / Whiskey
100% Tequila
100% Rum
90% Alize: Cognac
88% Pinot Noir
86% Chardonnay
84% White wine
84% Sake
84% Shiraz
84% Merlot
84% Pinot Grigio
83% Red Burgundy
81% White, dry (Chablis)
75% Port
69% Sherry
67% White Zinfandel
66% Sweet Dessert wine
74% Lite generally
63% Regular generally
74% Bud Lite
70% Rolling rock
68% Bass
68% Bud
61% Guiness: extra stout
Girl drinks
50% Pre-mix, Long Island Ice Tea
50% Boone's Farm, Strawberry Hill Wine Coolers
42% Alize: Red Passion
37% Baileys, Irish Cream, Lite
28% Baileys, Irish Cream, Original
75% Triple Sec
36% Kahlua

Last modified: Tue Feb 28 23:39:52 EST 2012 by Dean Foster. Woodchuck Amber Cider calories: 154/cup (17/oz) 200/bottle Woodchuck Draft Cider (1 serving) calories: 198 (17/oz) Alcohol, Woodchuck Cider (1 serving) calories: 200 Cider, Woodchuck, Granny Smith (1 serving) calories: 160 Beer - Woodchuck Draft, Granny Smith (1 serving) calories: 160 Granny Smith Woodchuck Draft Cider (1 oz) calories: 13