Many people engage in exercise, diets, etc with a primary goal of accruing a health benefit. The purpose of this page is to help make these decisions be more consistent. It is foolish to ride a motorcycle across town without a helmet for the express purpose of going to a gym to exercise.

Activity Walking equivalent Range of estimates Notes/comments
one cigarette 1/4 mile 100 yards to 1/2 mile science and ACS disagree
Living in a house with a high radon level 500 yards ? Don't know? You can get your home tested for about $20. [Federal researchers]
Removing Radon from your house 1000 miles ? One time advantage. [Federal researchers]
left handed about zero ? ? A study incorrectly reported a value of about 10 miles per day. This was due to faulty statistics.
1 inch taller about zero ? ? A study incorrectly reported that for each inch taller you were, you died 1 year earlier. This would give a value of about 2? miles per day. This was due to the same faulty statistics as the left handed example.

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